Mires of the Überling

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Mires of the Überling

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    265 ha
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    47°10'N 13°52'E
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Mires of the Überling. 02/02/04; Salzburg; 265 ha; 47°10'N 013°53'E; Natura 2000. The largest peatland concentration in the Alps, with 117ha of mires which present all typical features of mire types representative the boreal zone. Many of these peatlands belong to the boreal Aapa mire type, unique in the Alps, but also spring fens and terrestrialisation mires. One lake, Gstreikel Moos, remains almost covered by the biggest floating mat in the Alps. A large number of plant communities associated with boreal conditions add an important value to the biodiversity of the region, including Dwarf Birch (Betula nana), cranberry species (Vaccinium microcarpum, Vaccinium oxycoccos), Chickweed Wintergreen (Trientalis europaea) and Crowberry-Brown Peatmoss (Empetro hermaphroditi-Sphagnetum fusci). The mires are all natural or near-natural except for one bog-site, the "Moor SE Überlinghütte", which was drained in the 19th century for pasture. In a joint project of the landowners and NGOs, a rehabilitation project financed by the Austrian Federal Forestry was begun in 2000. In the next few years the Ramsar Site should be extended over the whole mountain range of the Überling and cattle grazing should be completely removed from the mires. Ramsar Site no. 1370. Most recent RIS information: 2003.

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    • UE Natura 2000
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