Mures Floodplain

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Mures Floodplain

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    17'166 ha
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    46°13'N 21°09'E
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Mures Floodplain. 02/02/06; Arad, Timis; 17,166 ha; 46°13'N 021°09'E. Natural Park, IBA. Includes the length of the River Mures downstream from Arad to the Hungarian border. It consists of a high variety of ecosystems, a mixture of meadows, periodically flooded areas mainly covered with soft and hard wood forests, arable land and pastures, and about 40 isles on the river. The forest and old riverbed ecosystems, permanently or temporarily linked with the Mures, are among few examples of this type of habitat remaining in Europe. The present landscape results from the damming of the valley and the consequent agricultural transformation; as the lower floodplain is bordered by dams and high terraces, it is subjected to all the benefits and damage caused by floods, such as drying out of habitats in years of low flow and water-logging in high floods. Disturbance is caused by overgrazing as well as poaching of fish and game resources and introduced exotic tree species, especially Acer negundo. The main human activities are oil and timber harvesting, together with agriculture as well as sheep and cattle grazing. Amongst the many archaeological sites is the fortified settlement "Santul Mare"dating from the Bronze Age. The Hodos-Bodrog and Bezdin monasteries are also culturally important and the objective for ecumenical tourism. Ramsar site no. 1606.Most recent RIS information: 2006.

Région administrative: 
Arad and Timis counties

  • Inscription légale nationale: 
    • National Park - Koros-Maros (part of the protected area from the Mures Floodplain on the Hungarian territory)
    • Natural Reserve - Prundul Mare - 654.9 ha
    • Natural Reserve - The Cenad Big Isle - 3 ha
    • Natural Reserve - The Cenad Forest- 310.5 ha
    • Natural Reserve - The Igriş Isles - 3 ha
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