Humedales de Jaragua

República Dominicana

Humedales de Jaragua

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    République dominicaine
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    32'978.6 ha
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    17°47'N 71°29'W
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Humedales de Jaragua. 04/07/14; Pedernales; 32,978.6 ha; 17°43'47"N 71°32'0"W. The Site is made up of three sub-sites: Laguna de Oviedo, Bucán de Base – Canal Beata, and Pedernales Bucanye – Cabo Rojo – Bahía de las Águilas. It features different types of coastal wetland including permanent and temporary lagoons, vast mangroves, extensive sea grass beds and coral reefs. It is rich in biodiversity and supports threatened or endangered species such as the coral Acropora palmate, the Antillean manatee Trichechus manatus manatus, and the birds Dendrocygna arborea and Corvus leucognaphalus. The Site also supports the only known populations of the endemic Jaragua pupfish (Cyprinodon nichollsi) and is of utmost importance for the four species of sea turtle that nest and forage in the area. It has one of the largest populations in the world of juvenile hawksbill turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata) and also supports populations of Dermochelys coriacea, Chelonia mydas and Caretta caretta. The wetlands are also essential to the local economy which is based on artisan fishing, as they support species of high commercial value such as the lobster Panulirus argus and the queen conch Strombus gigas. The threats to the Site are associated with different economic activities; among these are the storage and transportation by land and sea of Bauxite, the movement and anchoring of boats and the development of tourism in the area. Ramsar Site no. 2210. Most Recent RIS information: 2014

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    • Parque Nacional - Parque Nacional Jaragua
    • Área Nacional de Recreo
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