Boeng Chhmar and Associated River System and Floodplain

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Boeng Chhmar and Associated River System and Floodplain

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    28'000 ha
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    12°48'N 104°16'E
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Boeng Chhmar and Associated River System and Floodplain. 23/06/99; Kampong Thom, Siem Reap provinces; 28,000 ha; 12º48'20"N 104º16'55"E. UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. A lake formed amid inundated forest in the northeast fringe of Tonle Sap lake, consisting of permanent open water surrounded by a creek system and flooded forest which becomes one with Tonle Sap in the wet season. The site is a good example of near-natural wetlands that play a substantial hydrological and biological role in the natural functioning of two major rivers, Stoeng Stoung and Stoeng Chikreng. The area supports a large assemblage of plant, fish and waterbird species, many of which are listed as rare, vulnerable, or endangered, including the Siamese Crocodile Crocodylus siamensis, Mekong Giant Catfish Pangasianodon gigas and Giant Barb Catlocarpio siamensis. The site regularly supports more than 20,000 individuals of a number of large waterbird species on an annual basis. The Tonle Sap region plays a vital role in Cambodias economy by supplying fish to the population, and several million people depend upon its productivity. The population in the Ramsar Site increased by 37% from 1998 to 2003, leading to increased pressure on fish resources and wood collection, with more frequent dry season fires, all of which are affecting the sites ecological character, turning the forest to grasslands and shrublands. However, efforts to manage these pressures continue with the creation a management plan and fish sanctuaries covering part of the Ramsar Site. Ramsar site no. 997. Most recent RIS information: 2012

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Kampong Thom Province

  • Inscriptions légales internationales générales: 
    • Réserve de biosphère de l'UNESCO
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    • fish sanctuary
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