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  1. prise de poisson
    Vue du barrage Ranzenga

    Bassin du Nakanbé-Mané

    • Country: 
      Burkina Faso
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      8 year(s)
    19,477 ha
  2. Indus River Dolphin following country boat at Karmowala village.
    Indus River Dolphin at Mundapind village.
    Riparian community crossing river Beas near village Kapoora.
    Flock of Bar-headed Geese in River Beas
    Gharial basking on a mid channel island near River Beas.

    Beas Conservation Reserve

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      4 year(s)
    6,429 ha
  3. Ramsar logo

    Beeshazar and Associated Lakes

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      20 year(s)
    3,200 ha
  4. White-naped Crane
    Wintering Common Crane
    Ruddy Shelduck
    Whooper Swan
    Bearded Reedling
    Leopard Cat
    Landscape of Yeya Lake Wetland
    Landscape of Yeya Lake Wetland

    Beijing Yeya Lake Wetlands

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      1 year(s)
    4,008 ha
  5. Ramsar logo

    Berbak National Park

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      32 year(s)
    162,700 ha
  6. Raised Bog Rozhnianskoe
    Domzheritskoe Lake
    Berezina River
    Open transition mires are ideal displaying ground for Black grouse. Up to 30 males gather on the Postrezhskoe mire.
    The Reserve holds many natural small rivers, surrounded by swampy black alder forests.
    The left bank of the upper reaches of the Berezina River is occupied by a huge forest-swamp massif with a predominance of natural complexes undisturbed by man.
    Marsh marigold begins to blossom in early spring on the floodplain meadows of the Berezina River.
    The most typical plant of raised bogs is the Tussock cottongrass, whose seeds ripen in the end of May.
    During the spring flood period the Berezina River floods the whole floodplain and surrounding swampy forests; the flood reaches a width of 2-4 km.
    The Round-leaved sundew is a unique carnivorous plant, common in the Reserve’s mires.
    The Lesser spotted eagle is protected species of birds of prey, which is common in open biotopes in the Berezina floodplain.
    Black alder swampy forests in the southern part of the Reserve represent unique massif of untouched forests at an area of more than 15,000 ha.
    The Eurasian beaver is found throughout the whole territory of the Reserve, inhabiting both the Berezina River and its numerous tributaries.
    Berries of the Bog cranberry ripen on bogs in spring. It serves as a perfect food for many animal species.
    Floodplain meadows of the Berezina River are characterized by the exceptional variety of flora and fauna.

    Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      4 year(s)
    85,192 ha
  7. Lower Berg River Estuary
    Salt marshes - Berg River Estuary
    Lower reaches Berg River Estuary
    Upstream of salt works

    Berg Estuary Ramsar Site

    • Country: 
      South Africa
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      2 year(s)
    1,163 ha
  8. Qualifying bird species Gentoo Penguin Pygoscelis papua
    Qualifying bird species Kelp Goose Chloephaga hybrida malvinarum
    Qualifying bird species the endemic Falkland Steamer Duck Tachyeres brachydactyla
    Qualifying bird species Tussac Bird (Blackish Cinclodes) Cinclodes antarcticus antarcticus
    Qualifying mammal species South American Sea Lion Otaria flavescens (pup shown)
    Qualifying plant species Coastal Nassauvia Nassauvia gaudichaudii
    Qualifying plant species Silvery Buttercup Hamadryas argentea
    Qualifying plant species Smooth Ragwort Senecio vaginatus
    Wetland Type A - shallow marine waters with Commerson's Dolphin Cephalorhynchus commersonii
    Wetland Type D - intertidal rocky shore with resting South American tern Sterna hirundinacea
    Wetland Type E - low sand dunes with feeding White-rumped sandpiper Calidris fuscicollis
    Wetland Type J - Coastal Brackish Lagoon
    Wetland Types A & E - shallow marine waters and pebble shores

    Bertha's Beach

    • Country: 
      United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Overseas territories)
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      0 year(s)
    3,000 ha
  9. Ramsar logo

    Bertiandos and S. Pedro of Arcos Lagoons

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      18 year(s)
    346 ha
  10. Ramsar logo

    Beung Kiat Ngong Wetlands

    • Country: 
      Lao People's Democratic Republic
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      14 year(s)
    2,360 ha




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