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Materials presented on this website, particularly maps and territorial information, are as-is and as-available based on available data and do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Secretariat of the Ramsar Convention concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area, or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries.


  1. Ramsar logo

    Estero El Chorro

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      16 year(s)
    267 ha
  2. Grenouille géante (Conraua goliath) des mangroves du Rio Del REY. Sources : UICN, 1998.

    Estuaire du Rio Del Rey

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      14 year(s)
    165,000 ha
  3. Lioness on the eastern edge of Etosha Pan near Namutoni.  Exceptionally high rainfall in Angola and northern Namibia resulted in the pan filling up.
    The old fort at Namutoni with Fischer's Pan in the foreground, eastern Etosha.
    Giraffe on the edge of Fischer's Pan, eastern Etosha.
    Causeway across Fischer's Pan flooded by exceptionally high water levels.
    Ephemeral waterhole formed during the rainy season.
    View of the eastern edge of Etosha Pan near Namutoni.
    View of the eastern edge of Etosha Pan near Namutoni.
    Blue Cranes on the edge of Etosha Pan near Doringdraai, eastern Etosha.

    Etosha Pan

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      28 year(s)
    600,000 ha
  4. Rondevlei (looking southwards over the vlei towards Muizenberg Peak and Cape Point)
    Oblique view of the False Bay Nature Reserve looking north-westwards towards the city. The Strandfontein Birding Area is in the foreground, Zeekoevlei in the middle right and Rondevlei, middle left.
    Rondevlei (looking westwards from Zeekoevlei towards Muizenberg Peak and Silvermine)
    Strandfontein Birding Area (looking southwards from Zeekoevlei towards Cape Point).  The construction of the new FBNR headquarters node (now completed)  is visible in the foreground of the photo.
    Zeekoevlei (looking northwards across the vlei from Strandfontein Birding Area towards Devil’s Peak)
    Hippos in Rondevlei
    Various pictures at Strandfontein Birding Area
    Management Activities in the False Bay Nature Reserve
    Newly completed infrastructure on Zeekoevlei Eastern Shore, including braai areas (top left), ablution  facilities (top right) and a landscaped central picnic area (bottom).
    False Bay Nature Reserve Headquarters Complex (left), showing community use of the multi-purpose hall and associated courtyard (top centre and right) and Architect’s impression of the now completed Complex (bottom right).
    Top Left: Boat trip on Rondevlei; Top Right and Bottom Left: Bird hides at Rondevlei; Bottom Right: Picnic Area at Rondevlei; Centre: Erica Verticillata (Cape Flats Erica) classified as  ‘Extinct in the Wild’, and now growing at  Rondevlei
    Environmental Education activities taking place within the FBNR
    Top Left: Start of the 2014 ‘Birdathon’ Fun Family Walk on Zeekoevlei’s Eastern Shore 
Top Right: The ‘Birdathon’ Festival at the central picnic area of Zeekoevlei’s Eastern Shore
Bottom Left: Participants at one on the Quiz stations on the 2014 Fun Walk; 
Bottom Right: Eagle Encounters’ education d
    Friends and Neighbour Initiative, the ‘Other side of the Fence’ at Village Heights informal settlement on the western boundary of the FBNR.  The  FBNR boundary  and interface zone between the settlement and the reserve can be seen in the photo on the bottom right, with the other photographs showing
    National Department of Tourism funded EPWP project on Zeekoevlei’s eastern shore

    False Bay Nature Reserve

    • Country: 
      South Africa
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      9 year(s)
    1,542 ha
  5. Photo 1 : Engin de pêche sur la mare de la forêt galerie de Léra
    Photo 2 : Vue panoramique d'une rizière dans les limites du site
    Photo 3 : Panneau de signalisation de la mise en défens du village de Léra compris dans les limites du site
    Photo 11 : Séance d'échanges avec le gestionnaire et une personnes ressources du village sur la digue du cours d'eau principal
    Photo 5 : Lame d'eau laissant apercevoir sous les larges feuilles de nénuphar, les alevins et petits poissons en pleine croissance
    Photo 6 : Des femmes récoltant du riz aux abords du cours d'eau de la forêt galerie de Léra
    Photo 7 : Au coeur de la forêt galerie de Léra où oiseaux et animaux aquatiques se côtoient
    Photo 8 : Femmes solitaire récoltant ses cultures
    Photo 9 : Produits dérivés des  multiples biens et services de la zone humide
    Photo 10 : Vue panoramique du plan d'eau
    Photo 12 : Piézomètre installé sur la digue du cours d'eau principal

    Forêt Galerie de Léra

    • Country: 
      Burkina Faso
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      7 year(s)
    542 ha
  6. Ramsar logo

    Furen-ko and Shunkuni-tai

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      18 year(s)
    6,139 ha
  7. Peatland marshes
    Black-necked Crane (Grus nigricollis)
    Peatland marshes

    Gansu Yellow River Shouqu Wetlands

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      3 year(s)
    132,067 ha
  8. Ramsar logo

    Glaciar Vinciguerra y Turberas Asociadas

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      14 year(s)
    2,760 ha
  9. Ramsar logo

    Graeme Hall Swamp

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      18 year(s)
    33 ha
  10. Vue d'ensemble de la grande sebkha d'oran

    Grande Sebkha d'Oran

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      5 year(s)
    56,870 ha




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