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Chat Tboul

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    15'500 ha
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    16°33'N 16°24'W
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Chat Tboul. 10/11/00; Keur-Masséne; 15,500 ha; 16°33'N 16°24'W. Chat Tboul lies along the Atlantic coast, immediately north of the Parc National du Diawling Ramsar site, around a former mouth of the Senegal river. Behind a ca.10km strip of coastal dunes, in some areas with a cover of Sahelian-type vegetation, the site includes a number of wetland types, from both permanent and temporary brackish and saline lakes and pools, estuarine waters, intertidal mud/sand flats and forested wetlands, sandy shores, and intertidal marshes. The site qualifies under the uniqueness and biodiversity Criteria, as well as under the 1% threshold for waterbirds (6) -- with several species (including Pelecanus onocrotalus, Phoenicopterus ruber, Larus genei, and Recurvirostra avosetta) meeting that standard -- and under Criterion 8 on importance for fish stocks. A number of small-scale traditional fishing and transhumant grazing practices are seen in the area, which also receives an annual allotment of fresh water under the management plan of the Diawling Park. Possible threats are foreseen from a proposal concerning evacuation of agricultural run-off from rice fields and from overexploitation of coastal fish stocks, as well as from the spread of shrimp and lobster farming. Ramsar site no. 1044. Most recent RIS information: 2000.

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Willaya du Trarza

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    • nature reserve
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