Laguna de Chichankanab

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Laguna de Chichankanab

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    1,999 ha
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    19°52'N 88°46'W
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Laguna de Chichankanab. 02/02/04; Quintana Roo; 1,999 ha; 19°52'N, 088°46'W. A complex of inland freshwater lakes following a fault line. Seasonally flooded grasslands dominated by Jamaica Sawgrass Cladium jamaicense, partially evergreen forests of Alseis yucatensis, Clusia salvini, and others, plus and a rare enclave of Rhizophora mangle mangrove surround the lakes. Five endemic and threatened fish ("cachorritos") are known only in this location: Cyprinodon beltrani, C. labiosus, C. maya, C. simus and C. verecundus. The site has been proposed as a nationally protected area. Ramsar site no. 1364. Most recent RIS information: 2004.

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Quintana Roo

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