Embouchure de l'oued Dr'a

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Embouchure de l'oued Dr'a

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    10,000 ha
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    28°34'N 11°02'W
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Embouchure de l'oued Dr'a. 15/01/05; Guelmim; 10,000 ha; 28°34'N 010°58'W. Site of Biological and Ecological Interest. The estuary of the Dr'a River, which is situated on the northern limit of the Sahara and runs among bushy dunes until it reaches the sea through a gorge. The landscape is composed of three main vegetation types, the Tamarix amplexicaule complex, Phragmites stands, and a salt steppe with Sarcocornia perennis, which serve as a refuge for many European migratory bird species, including the Marbled Teal (Marmaronetta angustirostris), flamingoes (Phoenicopterus ruber) and the North African Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo maroccanus). Different endemic and relict species are found at the site, such as a tropical fish relict, Tilapia zillii, different reptile species, an amphibian (Bufo brongersmai), and two mammals (Tarfaya shrew and the Occidental gerbil). Fishing is common at the site, as well as raising of sheep, camels and goats, and limited barley agriculture. The main threats include rife poaching (despite the fact that hunting is prohibited), waste from the fishing camps, and disturbance to the environment by 4x4 vehicles. There are plans to create a national park in the area. Ramsar site no. 1477. Most recent RIS information: 2005.

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    • Site of Biological and Ecological Interest
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