Sebkha Zima

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Sebkha Zima

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    760 ha
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    32°05'N 08°40'W
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Sebkha Zima. 15/01/05; Safi; 760 ha; 32°05'N 008°40'W. An endorheic lake with saline water, which supports a number of organisms adapted to hypersaline conditions, including two rare endemic plant species (Halopelis amplicauli and Spergularia tenuifolia), 46 phytoplankton and 11 zooplankton species. It also has a high ornithological value, supporting a number of species during both winter and reproduction seasons. These include significant proportions of the biogeographical populations of Marmaronetta angustirostris, Tadorna ferruginea and Phoenicopterus ruber. The site plays an important role in the recharge of the groundwater table. 30,000 tonnes of salt are produced annually from this area, supplying salt to the cities of Marrakech and Safi and providing employment to 50 people. However, salt extraction has transformed almost half of the wetland area into salt works and drainage channels and deeply modified the site's hydrology. Overgrazing, cutting of firewood, and disturbance to birds and nests are also a concern. No conservation measures exist at the moment, but some are being proposed for the future, such as preventing any further habitat transformation and closing certain areas during the bird reproduction period. Ramsar site no. 1485. Most recent RIS information: 2005.

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