La Mare de Lassouri


La Mare de Lassouri

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    34,000 ha
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    14°04'N 09°34'E
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A semi-permanent wetland, part of Lake Chad's catchment, which during the dry season separates into a string of shallow ponds with good water quality. The area has dense woody vegetation which is rarely found in the Sahel, characterized by Acacia nilotica, Acacia albida and Mitragyna inermis. It is an important refuge for waterbirds and regularly hosts an average of 23,000 birds, with especially significant proportions of white-faced whistling duck Dendrocygna viduata and comb duck Sarkidiornis melanotos in addition to egrets, terns, ducks, herons, sandpipers and harriers. The Site supports small-scale cultivation of vegetables and cereals as well as fishing (mainly of Clarias angularia and Protopterus annectens), and provides pasture for both local livestock and that of nomadic pastoralists. The area is threatened by overgrazing, illegal logging and sand deposition caused by water and wind erosion. The main scientific activity is related to bird counts under OMPO’s (Oiseaux Migrateurs du Paléarctique Occidental - Migratory Birds of the Western Palearctic) Western Africa programme.

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