Zambezi Floodplains

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Zambezi Floodplains

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    900'000 ha
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    15°15'S 23°15'E
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Zambezi Floodplains. 02/02/07; Western Province; 900,000 ha; 15°15'S 023°15'E. Game Management Area. The second largest wetland in Zambia, chiefly riverine wetland consisting of the Zambezi River and its naturally formed floodplains. The small hills scattered on these plains stand out like islands during flood periods which extend from February to March. There is sparse riparian vegetation, small stands of Acacia albida in the floodplains, Syzygium guineens along the main river channel and patches of Diplorhynchus scrub and Borassus forest in the northern areas. Semi-evergreen woodlands found on the Kalahari sands have economically important species like Baikiaea plurijuga and Pterocarpus angolensis. The site hosts the vulnerable Lion (Panthera leo), several endemic reptiles, and the world's second largest migration of the Blue Wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus), as well many water birds. It is a major spawning ground for fish, with about 80 different fish species, and thus serves as a source of livelihood to the local inhabitants, along with harvesting of other wetland resources like reeds and sedges for handicraft, and rice cultivation. Potential threats include unsustainable fishing, poaching of wetland dependent animals, and dredging of canals. Traditional management of wetland resources has been affirmed through customary laws and village wetland conservation committees established with representatives from different stakeholder groups. Ramsar site no. 1662. Most recent RIS information: 2007.

Région administrative: 
Western Provnce

  • Inscription légale nationale: 
    • Game Management Area - West Zambezi Game Management Area
    • National Park - Liuwa National park
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