• Country: 
  • Site number: 
  • Area: 
    97.8 ha
  • Designation date: 
  • Coordinates: 
    35°58'N 14°20'E
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The Site is a coastal wetland consisting of a small salt marsh, a brackish pool (a locally rare habitat) with fluctuating salinity, and adjacent sand dunes, garrigue, steppe and farmland. The pool hosts an endemic killifish (Aphanius fasciatus) which is locally restricted to a few sites. Typical Mediterranean salt marsh vegetation is present with communities extending into the sand dunes. The adjacent garrigue areas host the endemic Maltese pyramidal orchid (Anacamptis urvilleana) and Maltese spider orchid (Ophrys melitensis). The Site attracts birds, especially waterbirds, some of which nest in the area while others rest on their migration, or winter such as the vulnerable common pochard (Aythya ferina) and the European turtle dove (Streptopelia turtur). Human activities include intensive summer tourism and conservation education. The Site is important for erosion protection and flood control. Climate changes resulting in droughts and extreme temperatures pose a threat to its ecological character.

Administrative region: 
Reġjun Tramuntana, Malta (Northern Region, Malta)

  • National legal designation: 
    • Area of Ecological Importance - Bur salmastru fil-Ħofra (limiti tal-Mellieħa)
    • Area of Ecological Importance - Irdumijiet Ta’ Madwar il-Kosta miċ-Ċirkewwa sa Bengħisa
    • Area of Ecological Importance (Buffer Zone) - L-art agrikola fl-arja tal-mejjieli u l-Għadira
    • Area of Ecological Importance (Buffer Zone) - L-għelieqi abbandunati u makkja ta’ s-Sdieri
    • Area of Ecological Importance and Site of Scientific Importance - Il-bur salmastru u l-għaram tar-ramel tal-Għadira
    • Area of Ecological Importance and Site of Scientific Importance - Ix-xagħri tal-Bisqra
    • Area of Ecological Importance and Site of Scientific Importance - L-għelieqi abbandunati u x-xagħri tal-Qammieħ
    • Area of High Landscape Value - Diversi Rdumijiet
    • Bird Sanctuary - Il-madwar ta' l-Għadira, fil-Bajja tal-Mellieħa
    • Site of Scientific Importance - Il-bajja tar-ramel
    • Site of Scientific Importance - Iż-Żrieżaq tat-tafal
    • Special Areas of Conservation – Site of International Importance - L-Inћawi tal-Gћadira
    • Special Protection Areas - L-Inћawi tal-Gћadira
  • Regional (international) legal designations: 
    • EU Natura 2000
    • Other international designation
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