Moyenne Dr'a

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Moyenne Dr'a

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    45.000 ha
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    30°28'N 06°21'W
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Moyenne Dr'a. 15/01/05; Ouarzazate, Zagora; 45,000 ha, 30°29'N 006°21'W. Site of Biological and Ecological Interest, Permanent Hunting Reserve. The site is composed of six units within two artificial habitats: the reservoir of the Al Mansour Ad-Dahbi dam, situated just downstream of the confluence of two rivers, and six oases with irrigated palm plantations along the course of the Dr'a River. More than 20 bird species winter or nest in the area of the dam, while about 100 other bird species rely on the oases' palm plantations. The site is an important refuge for migratory species, especially sparrows on the Trans-Saharan route, which utilize this site for resting before and after crossing the desert. Common mammals in the area, some of which are rare in Morocco, include the Fennec Fox, the North African striped weasel, African wildcat, the Common Genet and Common Otter. Several reptile species increase the area's biodiversity, together with the genetic resources associated with the date palms and other cultures in the area. The main services of the site fishing in the reservoir, hydropower, provision of drinking water supply, and water extraction for agriculture (palm and fruit trees, henna, cereals). The area has been deeply affected by the agricultural developments in the area and excessive water extraction, which have caused a fall in riparian biodiversity. Ramsar site no. 1482. Most recent RIS information: 2005.

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  • Designación jurídica nacional: 
    • Permanent Hunting Reserve
    • Site of Biological and Ecological Interest
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