Naujan Lake National Park

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Naujan Lake National Park

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    14'568 ha
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    13°09'N 121°11'E
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Naujan Lake National Park. 12/11/99; Oriental Mindoro; 14,568 ha; 13°10'N 121°11'E. The 5th largest lake in the Philippines (14km by 7km), volcanic in origin, receives water from local run-off with no major effluents. The lake has 14 species of fish, 5 of them migratory, and is an important feeding or wintering area for large numbers of ducks and other waterbirds such as herons, egrets, rails, and bitterns. The rare Plain swamphen (Amaurornis olivaceous) is also found, as well as an endemic species of freshwater crocodile (Crocodylus mindorensis). Naujan Lake enjoys a humid tropical climate with evenly distributed annual rainfall. Most of the people in the area depend upon the lake for their livelihood, particularly through fishing; the population is composed of the Mangyans, indigenous people of Mindoro including the Tadyawan tribe in the area of the lake, and the "damuong" or non-Mangyans. Fishing is the principle occupation and source of income, but the lake also provides water for drinking, laundry, bathing,and irrigation; moreover, the lake possesses great beauty and has potential for tourism. Ramsar site no. 1008. Most recent RIS information: 1999.

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Oriental Mindoro

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    • national park
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