Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary

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Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary

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    14'836 ha
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    08°16'N 125°53'E
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Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary. 12/11/99; Mindanao; 14,836 ha; 08°17'N 125°53'E. A vast complex of freshwater marshes and watercourses with numerous shallow lakes and ponds in the upper basin of the Agusan River and its tributaries, which rise in the hills of eastern Mindanao. Some parts of the marsh have been converted into fishponds and rice paddies. The site acts as storage for rain water and reduces the downstream flow of flood water into Butuan City and other population centers. The Marsh supports the largest expanses left in the Philippines of seven habitat types and includes a very large area of swamp forest and a peat swamp forest not found anywhere else in the country. High silt loads caused by deforestation and other activities in the catchment are a continuing problem. The Marsh is sparsely populated because of seasonal flooding, and the population are 1) permanent residents of the Marsh who live in floating houses, 2) people who live within the Marsh in the dry seasons and move to the peripheries during the flood season, and 3) people who live permanently on the peripheries and move into the marsh on a daily basis. Trapping of crocodiles for sale on commercial farms is an important activity. Ramsar site no. 1009. Most recent RIS information: 1999.

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