Isla Santay

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Isla Santay

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    4'705 ha
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    02°13'S 79°51'W
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Isla Santay. 31/10/00. Guayas. 4,705 ha. 02°13'S 079°51'W. Located in the delta of the Guayas River near the urban perimeter of the city of Guayaquil. The Isla Santay site (2200ha for the island itself and about 2505ha for surrounding waters) is characterized by halophytic vegetation that is influenced by tides and seasonal changes throughout the year (Ramsar Type "I", Intertidal forested wetlands, including mangrove swamps, etc.). Despite being a highly altered area, it provides refuge for a great number of species and conserves a great biological diversity due to its location in the ecotone region, and the site qualifies for the Ramsar List under all three of the biodiversity Criteria and both of the fish Criteria. It is probably the only known nesting area for the endangered Amazona autumnalis. The island is inhabited by 182 residents who practice fishing, traditional agriculture, and livestock raising on a sustainable level, but threats from continuing urban development have been noted. Ramsar site no. 1041. Most recent RIS information: 2000.

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    • protected area
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