El Pantanal Boliviano

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El Pantanal Boliviano

  • Pays: 
    Bolivie (État plurinational de)
  • Numéro du site: 
  • Superficie: 
    3'189'888 ha
  • Date d’inscription: 
  • Coordonnées: 
    18°00'S 58°30'W
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Pantanal Boliviano. 17/09/01; Santa Cruz; 3,189,888 ha; 18°00'S 058°30'W National Park. An enormous area on the eastern frontier with Brazil, part of South America's great Pantanal, the world's largest wetland. The vast complex of rivers, lakes, lagoons, marsh, inundated forests and savannahs, and a major source of the Paraguay river, considered to be even richer in biodiversity and less disturbed than Brazilian portions, supporting astonishing numbers of floral species and fish, birds, and large mammals. The site also includes the Chiquitano forest, a major extension of the most intext dry forest in the world. Historically populated by Chiquitano and Ayoréode peoples in the southern parts, near the Chaco transitional region, others have joined the region over the past century to pursue cattle-grazing and trade with Brazil. Necessary future exploitation of mineral resources must be carefully managed to avoid harm to the region, and expanded cattle grazing may pose a threat to ecological values; deforestation as on the Brazilian side of the border is feared, and the potential effects of the Hidrovia project to open the Paraguay to navigation are being watched carefully. Ramsar site no. 1089. Most recent RIS information: 2001.

Région administrative: 
Santa Cruz

  • Inscription légale nationale: 
    • Area Natural de Manejo Integrado - Pantanal de Otuquis
    • Integrated Management Nature Area ANMI
    • National Park
    • Parque Nacional - Pantanal de Otuquis
    • Área Natural de Manejo Integrado - San Matías
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