Cuencas y corales de la zona costera de Huatulco

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Cuencas y corales de la zona costera de Huatulco

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    44'400 ha
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    15°46'N 96°12'W
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Cuencas y corales de la zona costera de Huatulco. 27/11/03; Oaxaca; 44,400 ha; 15°47'N 096°12'W. National Park, Community Reserves. The site features coral reefs, uncommon in the Pacific littoral of Mexico, associated with shallow inlets in a coast dominated by cliffs. Mangrove forests are found at the outlet of some rivers and associated with several coastal lagoons. Inland, dry forests of priority importance for conservation are crossed by several freshwater currents. A wealth of fauna and flora inhabits the site, including several endangered and endemic species, including the amphibians Bufo marmoreus and Hyla sartori, the Sinaloa Wren Thryothorus sinaloa, the Golden-cheeked Woodpecker Melanerpes chrysogenys and the West Mexican Chacalaca Ortalis poliocephala, as well as numerous marine mammals that transit the coastline, such as the Pygmy and False Killer Whales (Feresa attenuata and Pseudorca crassidens) and the Long-finned Pilot Whale Globicephala macrorhynchus. Shellfishing, agriculture and tourism are the main activities in the area. Tourism development is considered to be the main threat due to large concentrations of people seasonally and the effect of new infrastructures. Forest clearing, hurricanes and hunting are also of concern. A management plan is in place for the Huatulco National Park and research activities are coordinated with several universities. Gathering of information for designation of the site was supported by the Ramsar Wetlands for the Future Initiative. Ramsar site no. 1321. Most recent RIS information: 2003.

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    • Parque Nacional - Huatulco
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