Parque Nacional Lagunas de Montebello

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Parque Nacional Lagunas de Montebello

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    6'022 ha
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    16°06'N 91°43'W
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Parque Nacional Lagunas de Montebello. 27/11/03; Chiapas; 6,022 ha; 16°06'N 091°43'W. National Park, Important Bird Area. A complex of permanent and seasonal freshwater karstic wetlands and caves on the border with Guatemala, average altitude 1500m, amidst forests that share traits of tropical and temperate vegetation. Mixed communities of pine, oak and sweetgum Liquidambar styraciflua are dominant within the park. The site is noteworthy for its diversity of orchids, butterflies, and birds, the latter including the endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler Dendroica chrysoparia. Many of the caves are considered holy by indigenous communities, who visit them on pilgrimage. Locals live mainly off agriculture and tourism. Forest fires are increasingly common: in 1998, 50% of the park was burnt. Water pollution and unregulated tourism are also of concern, but a management mlan was recently finished to address these and other issues. Awareness campaigns are constantly carried out with locals and there are ongoing research activities. Ramsar site no. 1325. Most recent RIS information: 2003.

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    • Parque Nacional - Lagunas de Montebello
    • Área Natural Protegida
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