Laguna Chaco Lodge

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Laguna Chaco Lodge

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    2'500 ha
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    22°16'S 59°18'W
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Laguna Chaco Lodge. 20/10/2003; Presidente Hayes; 2,500 ha; 22°17'S, 059°18'W. Private reserve. The largest of the water bodies in the lake system of the Central Chaco. Chaco Lodge is a saltwater lake with sharp level fluctuations surrounded by xerophytic woods and shrubs and halophytic vegetation. The site is one of the few relatively undisturbed natural areas in the Chaco, hosting an impressive biodiversity, including the endangered Chacoan Peccary Catagonus wagneri and the Brazilian Tapir Tapirus terrestris. Several wintering shorebird species are abundant, with up to 25,000 Wilson's Phalaropes Phalaropus tricolor, 4,000 White Rumped Sandpipers Calidris fuscicollis, and 3,000 Pectoral Sandpipers Calidris melanotos, all of them figures above 1% threshold. The same is true for the Chilean Flamingos Phoenicopterus chilensis, which are regular on the site. Chaco Lodge is entirely devoted to conservation and small scale ecotourism, and hunting and cattle ranching pressures from the surrounding area are very limited. The greatest threat, however, comes from the intense drought affecting the region the past few years. The site designation was carried out with support of the NGO Fundación DeSdelChaco. Ramsar Site No. 1330. Most recent RIS information: 2003.

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Presidente Hayes

  • Inscription légale nationale: 
    • Private Reserve
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