Área de Protección de Flora y Fauna Laguna de Términos

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Área de Protección de Flora y Fauna Laguna de Términos

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    705'016 ha
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    18°40'N 91°45'W
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Área de Protección de Flora y Fauna Laguna de Términos. 02/02/04; Campeche; 705,016 ha; 18°40'N 091°45'W. Wildlife Reserve. The largest coastal lagoon on the Mexican shore of the Gulf of Mexico. Mangrove forests of approximately 127,000 ha are a major feature and produce as much as 716,000 tons of dead leaves every year. The coastal waters are enriched with nutrients by upwelling and turbulence, while the lagoon receives freshwater from rivers and swamps. Other vegetation types are evergreen tropical forest, thorny forest, palmetto (Sabal Mexicana) forest, reedbeds of cattail (Typha latifolia) and Jointed Flatsedge (Cyperus articulatum), and patches of Bent Alligator Flag Thalia geniculata. Flagship animals of the site include the Jabiru Jabiru mycteria, the Horseshoe Crab Limulus polyphemus and endemic amphibians Rana brownorum, Bolitoglossa yucatana; and reptiles Anolis ustus, A. cozumelae, A. quercorum, amongst others. Ciudad del Carmen, with a population of almost 100,000, is an important industrial port located on the barrier island of the lagoon. A variety of fishing, agricultural and livestock raising activities are done in the site, all of which are causing problems of sedimentation, pollution, deforestation and reduction of stocks. Further conflicts have arisen with the oil pipes that traverse the area. Ramsar site no. 1356.Most recent RIS information: 2004. Most recent RIS information: 2006.

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    • Área Natural Protegida
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