Bird Wetlands of Hanko and Tammisaari

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Bird Wetlands of Hanko and Tammisaari

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    55'196 ha
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  • Coordonnées: 
    59°50'N 23°21'E
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Bird Wetlands of Hanko and Tammisaari. 02/02/04; Southern Finland; 55,196 ha; 59°49'N 023°10'E. National Park, Natura 2000 SPA, SCI, WHCP, Baltic Sea Protected Area. A complex of archipelago, shallow sea bays as well as flads and gloes, two types of lagoons created by land upheaval. Covering a large range of biotopes from limnetic, brackish zones to marine and offshore ones, it includes important natural wetland habitat types such as coastal lagoons, boreal Baltic coastal meadows, bog woodland and Fennoscandian deciduous swamp woods with a notable amount of nationally threatened flora and fauna species. Tens of thousands of both ducks and waders use the area during migration, and it regularly supports 6% of the biogeographical population of Caspian Tern, which represents Finland's largest colony. Oil pollution damage is the main threat because of shipping routes to the recently-enlarged Hanko harbour and near the southern parts of the area. There is a heavy pressure for recreational usage and building on the shores. Tourist facilities are present, including a visitor centre, nature trails, camping sites as well as an observation tower, because of special interest in birdwatching at Hanko Peninsula. Ramsar site no. 1506. Most recent RIS information: 2005.

Région administrative: 
Southern Finland

  • Inscription légale nationale: 
    • Baltic Sea Protected Area
    • Bird Sanctuary
    • Herb-rich Forests, Shore and Eskers Conservation Programme
    • National Park
    • Private Protected Area
    • Protected Area
    • Waterfowl Habitat Conservation Programme
  • Inscriptions juridiques régionales (internationales): 
    • UE Natura 2000
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