Grand Bassam

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Grand Bassam

  • Pays: 
    Côte d'Ivoire
  • Numéro du site: 
  • Superficie: 
    40'210 ha
  • Date d’inscription: 
  • Coordonnées: 
    05°17'N 03°45'W
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Grand Bassam. 18/10/05; Sud-Comoé; 40,210 ha; 05°21'N 003°46'W. A mosaic of ecosystems near the estuary of the Comoé River providing refuge for different, often endangered species: the mangroves are an important habitat for primates such as the chimpanzee, the lesser white-nosed monkey, and the sooty mangabey, as well as a spawning and nursery site for different mollusks, fish and crustaceans. Forests, swamps and coastal savannas act as a refuge for elephants, otters, reptiles, leopards and crocodiles in an otherwise developed area. Many birds, including Anhinga rufa, Tigriornis leucolopha, Scotopelia peli and Ardea goliath, use the area as a nesting and breeding ground. Although artisanal fishing is the main activity carried out, tourism is also noteworthy, as Grand Bassam was the country's old colonial capital. The area is thus very significant from a cultural and historical point of view, with the local handcrafts the most creative and renowned in the country. The main threat includes invasive plant species like water hyacinth and Salvinia molesta, while outside the site sand extraction, over-exploitation of natural resources, and the discovery of oil pose growing threats. A strategy for sustainable management is being planned by the National Wetlands Committee (CONARAMS), while village commissions are responsible for natural resources management. Ramsar site no. 1583. Most recent RIS information: 2005.

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    • Bien du patrimoine mondial
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