Lake Shkodra and River Buna

Lake Shkodra and River Buna Ramsar Site
Lake Shkodra and River Buna Ramsar Site
Lake Shkodra and River Buna Ramsar Site

Lake Shkodra and River Buna

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  • Superficie: 
    49'562 ha
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  • Coordonnées: 
    42°03'N 19°28'E
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Lake Shkodra and River Buna. 02/02/06; Malesia e Madhe, Shkodra; 49,562 ha; 42°03'N 019°29'E. National protected area. The eastern side of the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula, shared with Montenegro (Skadarsko Jezero Ramsar site), and the River Buna with its near natural delta on the East Adriatic coast. The area comprises a variety of habitats: freshwater, brackish water, woodland, freshwater marshes, wet pastures, sandy shore and rocky habitats supporting about 900-1000 plant species. Connection with the River Drin ensures the migration of mainly fish species from the Adriatic via Shkodra Lake to and from Ohrid and Prespa Lakes, such as the endangered Acipenser stellatus and Salmothymus obtusirostris as well as the critically endangered species Acipenser studio and Chondrostoma scodrensis. The site hosts about 25,000 wintering waterbirds, amongst them the endangered Oxyura leucocephala and the critically endangered Numenius tenuirostris. Threats arise from past and present practices of drainage for agriculture, uncontrolled development, changes in water regime, deforestation, illegal hunting and fishing, and introduced species. Shkodra (Skadar, Scutari) is known for its cultural heritage of more than 2000 years, e.g. the Illyrian walls and the ruins of a 600-year-old catholic church. Today the main activities are agriculture, stock raising, fishing and tourism. Ramsar site no. 1598.

Région administrative: 
Malesia e Madhe / Shkodra

  • Inscription légale nationale: 
    • Habitat/Species Management Area - Shkodra Lake, Buna River, Buna Delta, Velipoja beach, Domni Marsh and Viluni Lagoon
    • Hunting Reserve - Velipoja Forest
    • National Protected Area
    • Nature Reserve
    • Protected Landscape - Rrenci Mountain
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