Krušnohorská rašeliniště

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Krušnohorská rašeliniště

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    11'224 ha
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    50°31'N 13°10'E
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Krusnohorská raseliniste (Krusnohorska mountains mires). 22/12/06; Ústecký, Karlovarský; 11,224 ha; 50°31'N 013°10'E. Nature Reserves. Comprises about 30 mire islands of representative patterned mires and raised bogs, with neighbouring natural and artificial watercourses, fishponds and reservoir shores in the northwest of the country near the border with Germany. The biological diversity comprises huge mosaics of highly alkaline fens with scattered tree patches, preferred by grouse birds - Tetrao tetrix, Tetrao urogallus, Tetrastes bonasia - and of bog expanses occupied by krummholz stands of Pinus x pseudopumilio and Central European endemic tree Pinus rotundata, supporting high numbers of endangered plant species, such as Hamatocaulis vernicosus, Carex chordorrhiza and Drosera anglica. Ore mining had a long tradition in the mountain area, which affected the disappearance of alluvial fens since the 16th century. In subsequent centuries, as mining activities retreated, many bogs were affected by peat extraction and agricultural overexploitation. Presently the site is mainly used for game keeping and forestry - in a few localities, peat mining is being brought to an end and remains a critical conservation issue. A direct impact on the biota within mires is also caused by the high concentration of deer, which cause eutrophication of ombrotrophic sites and trampling disturbance of mire surface. The site provides various facilities for tourism, such as marked hiking and biking trails and cross-country skiing routes. Ramsar site no. 1670. Most recent RIS information: 2007.

Région administrative: 
Ustecky and Karlovarsky

  • Inscription légale nationale: 
    • National Nature Reserve - Velké jeřábí jezero, Velký močál, Božídarské rašeliniště, Novodomské rašeliniště
    • Nature Monuments - Přebuzské vřesoviště, Haar
    • Nature Reserves - Malé jeřábí jezero, Horská louka u Háje, Na Loučkách, Grunwaldské vřesoviště
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