Pandam and Wase Lakes

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Pandam and Wase Lakes

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    19'742 ha
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    08°42'N 08°59'E
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Pandam and Wase Lakes. 30/04/08; Nasarawa; 19,742 ha; 08°42'N 008°58'E. Wildlife Park. Two tributaries drain into each of the lake's arms, and the lake is separated from River Dep by a swamp which extends along both of them. The lake supports large numbers of resident and migrant birds, with about 217 birds species recorded in the area. It supports large flocks of White-faced Whistling Duck (Dendrocygna viduata) during the dry season and provides a breeding ground for the Long-toed Lapwing. The lake and the adjoining Wildlife Park support endangered species such as the West African manatee. The site supports fishing and forestry, as well as tourism and an annual fishing festival. Livestock grazing, bush burning, farming and harvesting of wild resources support community livelihoods but need to be better regulated. There is also significant pressure from poaching. A management plan has been developed for the wetland and the adjoining Wildlife Park but is yet to be implemented. Ramsar site no. 1758. Most recent RIS information: 2008.

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Nasarawa State

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