Manglares de San Pedro de Vice

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Manglares de San Pedro de Vice

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    3'399 ha
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    05°30'S 80°52'W
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Manglares de San Pedro de Vice. 12/06/2008. Sechura. 3,399 ha. 5°30'S 80°53'W. Located in the northern part of Peru, this wetland is the last mangrove relict of the southern pacific of South America and is composed by two mangrove species Avicennia germinans and Laguncularia racemosa, as well as 43 species of Phanerogamous plants. This site is part of the coastal wetland corridor for migratory birds, registering 98 species of resident and migratory waterfowl. The mangrove is habitat to many fish species, reptiles, invertebrates and micro fauna, and some mammal species such as Pseudalopex sechurae, Didelphys marsupialis and Conepatus semistriatus can also be spotted in the site. It is also of great social and economic importance for the inhabitants of the area, undertaking activities such as subsistence fishing and extraction of crustaceans and mollusks. Sadly, this wetland is currently threatened due to an inadequate management and lack of planning. Every year thousands of tourists visit the site, leaving their trash behind, which accumulates and creates not only a visual impact but affects the wildlife living in it. There is a strong relation between the dry forest, the mangroves and the coastal desert, which are important for mammals and birds.

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    • Santuario Regional - Los Manglares de Vice
    • Área de Conservación Municipal
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