Niumi National Park

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Niumi National Park

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A complex of  wetland types along the coastal strip of the northern section of the River Gambia, ranging from coastal to inland wetlands which hold important hydrological values, i.e. flood control, groundwater replenishment, shoreline stabilization and sediment and nutrient retention and export. The flora and fauna are of particular note due to their abundance and adaptations to the range of habitat types found within the site. The noteworthy flora include Rhizophora mangrove forest, Nymphaea lotus, Parkia biglobosa etc. – noteworthy fauna include 303 species of resident and migratory birds, the West African manatee, leopards, and Red Colobus monkeys. Human uses within the site are noted as rice cultivation, livestock rearing, and fishing activities. In the surrounding areas some small industries are in operation. Potential threats are due to unsuitable fishing practices, illegal hunting, land clearance, expansion of agricultural activity, and sand mining. The management plan is being updated and a management committee is to be established following completion of the endangered species survey. The site adjoins Senegal’s Delta du Saloum Ramsar site and collaborative management arrangements are being formalized. 
Inscription transfrontière: 
Le site fait partie du Site Ramsar transfrontière « Niumi-Saloum » créé en 2008, avec le site du « Delta du Saloum » (n. 288) en Sénégal.

Région administrative: 
Lower Niumi District, North Bank Region

  • Inscription légale nationale: 
    • National Protected Area - Niumi National Park
  • Date de dernière publication: 


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