Partie Camerounaise du Lac Tchad

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Partie Camerounaise du Lac Tchad

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    12'500 ha
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    12°46'N 14°18'E
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02/02/10; Extrême-Nord; 12,500 ha; 12°46'N 014°19'E. National Parks. The site represents the portion of the Lake Chad basin within Cameroon's territory. Lake Chad is known to frequently support over 200, 000 birds and various other fauna and flora of the region such as the endangered species like the African Clawless Otter, Red Fronted Gazelle and the African Bush Elephant amongst others. Of note is the use of the site as a refuge by hippopotamuses and the Nile crocodile during the dry season. The site is recognised for its numerous important hydrological values, including sediment retention, flood control and ground water replensishment. The local communities depend on the income-generating activities supported by the resources from the wetland such as traditional fishing, hunting, subsistence farming, livestock rearing, etc. The site is recognised, however, as one of the most affected areas as a result of the challenges posed by climate change and localised threats of over-grazing, water pollution, invasive species, excessive use of pesticides, etc. Ramsar site no. 1903. Most recent RIS information: 2009.

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Province de l’Extrême-Nord

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