Kut Ting Marshland

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Kut Ting Marshland

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    2'200 ha
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    18°18'N 103°40'E
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Kut Ting Marshland. 19/06/09; Buengkan District, Nongkhai Province; 2,200 ha; 18°18'N 103°41'E. This Ramsar Site is located in the northeast region of Thailand and features many wetland types and habitats with a diverse array of species. Streams, lakes, marshes and flooded agricultural land are common in Kut Ting and as such, this site is a stunning example of an intact array of important wetland types in the Mekong Ecoregion. The site provides a haven for 54 species of birds of which several are endangered, for example, Baer's Pochard (Aythya baeri) and Isok barb (Probarbus jullieni). The forests of Kut Ting support over 150 plant species while surrounding wetlands provide nursing and spawning grounds for approximately 113 species of fish. Nine of them are endemic to the site and some typical fish species include Clupeichthys aesarnensis and Boraras micros and 80 species are commercially important. Kut Ting plays an important role in flood control while also supplying water to locals during the dry season. Sediment sourced from the Mekong River provides land for cash crops of watermelon, tomato and rice paddy cultivation. At least 22 species of waterplants are utilised by locals as vegetable, for fodder and handicrafts and about 56 fish species are harvested for both domestic and commercial use. Minor threats to the site include overfishing and pesticide/domestic waste runoff from surrounding areas. The Thai Department of Fisheries, Provincial Natural Resource and Environment Provincial has jurisdiction over the site and a Wetland Committee is responsible for the management of the site and adjacent areas. Ramsar Site n. 1926. Most recent RIS information: 2009.

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Nongkhai Province

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