Ecosistema Ajos-Bavispe, zona de influencia Cuenca Río San Pedro

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Ecosistema Ajos-Bavispe, zona de influencia Cuenca Río San Pedro

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    182'623 ha
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    31°10'N 110°11'W
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Ecosistema Ajos-Bavispe, zona de influencia Cuenca Río San Pedro. 02/02/10; Sonora; 182,623 ha, 31°10'30"N 110°11'17"W. The site covers the principal course of San Pedro River in northern Mexico and 10 swamps in its surroundings. It is representative of the rivers, streams and swamps of the region and the only climax wetlands of the Chihuahua's Desert and the Sierra Madre Occidental. The system has a major hydrological influence in this semi-arid zone by regulating the impact of droughts. It works as a wildlife corridor, providing shelter, food and resting zone for aquatic birds. As well as hosting endemic species like Agosia chrysogaster and Gila intermedia, the site also works as a wildlife corridor for the American Bear (Ursus americanus). It supports a number of species IUCN red-listed such as Rana chiricahuensis, Ambystoma tigrinum, and Empidonax traillii. Threats include inappropriate livestock practices, the overexploitation of aquifers, and pollution, especially in the urban area of Cananea. The planning and management of the basin is being consolidated, and it is led by The Nature Conservancy, Naturalia, and BIDA, A.C. Ramsar Site no. 2044. Most recent RIS information: 2010.

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