Lake Calarasi

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Lake Calarasi

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    5'001 ha
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  • Coordonnées: 
    44°11'N 27°16'E
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Lake Calarasi (Iezerul Calarasi). 13/06/12; Calarasi County; 5,001 ha; 44°11'24"N 027°16'28"E. Nature Reserve, Natura 2000 (SPA). Originally covered entirely by Ezer Lake, the site now contains only a small part of the former lake which has been preserved following the Danube's embankment. The remainder of the site was transformed into agricultural land and fish ponds now forming a mosaic of natural and human-made ecosystems. The site is of special importance to 271 species of sedentary and migratory waterbirds as well as for several species of fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals, including species threatened on national, European and global level. During winter large concentrations of White-fronted Goose Anser albifrons roost on the lake and Red-breasted Goose Branta ruficollis rests and feeds in the site. Human uses include fishing, aquaculture and agriculture and the site is important for flood control and groundwater recharge. Potential threats include uncontrolled tourism and over-fishing. Several conservation measures are foreseen, including the prevention of reed burnings, the reduction of agriculturally used chemicals, and the possible development of eco-tourism. An information centre offering educational programs exists. Ramsar Site number: 2064. Most recent RIS information: 2012.
Inscription transfrontière: 
Together with Srébarna Ramsar Site (No. 64) in Bulgaria, Lake Calarasi Ramsar Site is part of the "Lake Calarasi (Iezerul Calarasi) - Srebarna" Transboundary Ramsar Site established in April 2013.

Région administrative: 
Calarasi County

  • Inscription légale nationale: 
    • Natural Reserve for bird protection
  • Inscriptions juridiques régionales (internationales): 
    • UE Natura 2000
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