Danube Islands - Bugeac - Iotormac

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Danube Islands - Bugeac - Iotormac

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    82'832 ha
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    44°13'N 27°45'E
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Danube Islands-Bugeac-Iortmac (Ostroavele DunariiBugeacIortmac). 02/02/2013; Calarasi, Constanta counties; 82,832 ha; 44°1332N 027°4548E. Natural Monuments; Natural Reserves; Natura 2000 Network (SPA, SCI). The site is a part of the Danubes floodplain, where it has the largest width because the Danube splits into two branches which formerly enclosed large lakes. The site is situated on the route of an important migration corridor, so it is important as a breeding and resting place for several rare bird species. The landscape is specific to the meadows, with lakes between the sand dunes, marshes, shrub-dominated wetlands, fishponds and islands providing appropriate conditions for a great biodiversity. Endemic flora like the Hedysarum grandiflorum grow within the site. There is a LIFE project financed by the European Union for the protection of these islands, which are considered very important for bird species such as the Falco cherrug, Haliaetus albicilla and Pelecanus crispus. During wintering and migration, the site is also important for many other threatened species such as the Ardea purpurea, Branta ruficollis, and Ciconia nigra. Human activities which may affect the ecological character of this site are navigation, fishing, poaching, hunting, tourism, urbanisation and wind turbines. The site plays has an important hydrological value as it regulates Danube water fluctuation and floods. Ramsar Site no. 2114. Most recent RIS information: 2012.

Région administrative: 
Calarasi and Constanta counties

  • Inscription légale nationale: 
    • Nature Reserve - Ostrovul Soimul (Soimul Island)
    • geological, paleontological and botanical reserve - Dealul Allah Bair
  • Inscriptions juridiques régionales (internationales): 
    • UE Natura 2000
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