Tivat Saline

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Tivat Saline

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    150 ha
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    42°23'N 18°43'E
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Tivat Saline (Tivatska solila). 30/01/2013; Tivat Municipality; 150 ha; 42°23'37"N 018°42'55"E. Special Flora and Fauna Reserve, Emerald Network, Important Bird Area, Strict Nature Reserve. Situated in the coastal strip of Tivat Bay between the rivers Odoljenatica and Kolo~unja, the site comprises a centuries-old former salt works and includes the underwater site of Jankove Vode. It is an important resting and feeding area for migratory birds such as Limosa limosa, Numenius arquata, and Aythya nyroca, as well as the regional population of Pygmy Cormorant Phalacrocorax pygmeus. The site also supports such endangered reptile species as Ophisaurus apodus, sea turtles like Caretta caretta, and the endangered amphibian Rana shqiperica. Within the site complex types of halophyte vegetation grow on sludge-clay ground, a type of vegetation which has largely disappeared from the eastern coast of the Adriatic. Besides the old salt works infrastructure (dyke, canals, etc.), archaeological relics have been identified at the salina and its surroundings, including fragments of Hellenistic-Roman ceramics, mainly amphoras and fragments of Corinthian skyphoi (6th century BC). Hunting activities are allowed in the site. Potential factors threatening the ecological character of this wetland are poaching, pollution, and touristic pressure. A management plan for the site is currently under preparation. Ramsar Site no. 2135. Latest RIS Information: 2013.

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Tivat Municipality

  • Inscription légale nationale: 
    • Emeral Status under Bern Convention - Tivat Salina
    • Special Flora and Fauna Reserve - Tivat Salina
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