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    26'060 ha
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    55°27'N 29°19'E
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Kozyansky. 29/03/2013; Vitebsk Region; 26,060 ha; 55°25’N 29°22’E; Important Bird Area, National Landscape Reserve, Habitat/Species Management Area. The site is a complex wetland mosaic formed by large areas of transitional mires and raised bogs, forested and non-forested peatlands, permanent rivers, freshwater lakes and farmland. The wetland supports numerous populations of plant and animal species important for the conservation of the biological diversity within the Boreal biogeographic region. In addition, the site harbours numerous nationally-threatened species of birds such as Ciconia nigra, Botaurus stellaris and Grus grus, and mammals such as Lynx lynx, Ursus arctos and Meles meles. Its main hydrological values are water supply and maintenance of groundwater level and water quality. Within the site there are 15 historical and two archaeological monuments protected by the State. Human uses include forestry, hunting and fishing. Potential threats to the site’s ecological character derive from peat extraction, commercial fishing, deforestation, vegetation succession, overgrazing and pollution from cattle farms and a ceramics factory located in neighbouring Obol. The management plan for the reserve is currently being prepared. Ramsar site no. 2196. Most recent RIS information: 2013.

Région administrative: 
Vitebsk region

  • Inscription légale nationale: 
    • Landscape Reserve of National Importance
    • Biological Reserve of National Significance
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