Torey Lakes

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Torey Lakes

  • Pays: 
    Fédération de Russie
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  • Superficie: 
    172'500 ha
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  • Coordonnées: 
    50°05'N 115°31'E
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Biosphere Nature Reserve, International Protected Area, Strictly Protected Area, Important Crane Area; Anatidae Network Site. Near the Mongolian border, the largest enclosed soda lakes in the trans-Baikal are an example of natural wetlands of the Mongol-Manzurian steppe. The hydrologic regime is characterized by cyclical changes in inundation and wide variations in water level. The area includes terrestrial steppe ecosystems, rivers, numerous islands, arable land, and human settlements. The site is an important breeding, feeding and staging area for internationally important numbers of numerous species of migratory waterbirds, and it supports important populations of rare and threatened species. The site supports a highly diverse flora including numerous species endemic to Siberia or the Trans-Baikal. The fauna consists of elements of taiga, tundra, broad-leaved forests, and steppe zones; 305 bird species (include 90 breeding species), 42 mammal species, various reptile, amphibian, and fish species, and over 590 species of insects occur at the site. 16 bird species are vulnerable. Fishing and animal husbandry are vital to the local population. Other activities include recreation, traditional agriculture, and a shorebird-ringing programme. Agricultural intensification may have an adverse effect upon wetland ecosystems in the future.

Région administrative: 
Trans-Baikal area, on territories of the Ononsky and Borzinsky rayons of the Chita Oblast

  • Inscriptions légales internationales générales: 
    • Réserve de biosphère de l'UNESCO
  • Inscription légale nationale: 
    • state nature biosphere zapovednik - Daursky
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    • Autre inscription internationale
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