Lake Kanieris

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Lake Kanieris

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    1'995 ha
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    57°00'N 23°27'E
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Lake Kanieris. 25/07/95; Tukums; 1,995 ha; 57°00'N 023°26'E. National Park. Following a boundary extension in 2006, the site covers not only the shallow lagoon, but also the unique Slocene River delta swamps with several islands, large reed beds and surrounding floodplain forests at the adjacent areas to the west of the lake. Besides the floating vegetation of the lake, there is a broad mosaic of large reed beds of Phragmitetum, Typhetum angustifoliae and Cladietum marisci as well as different habitats at the surrounding meadows, fens and floodplain forests. The site supports several rare, vulnerable or endangered species or subspecies of plants, such as the orchid Liparis loeselii, and belongs to one of the richest bird sites in Latvia. The site is used for recreational and commercial fishing, while the surrounding area is mainly used for forestry and extensive agriculture. Small-scale recreational and tourist activities include primarily fishing, but also boat tours and birdwatching. Potential threats include phosphorus pollution and increasing eutrophication, overgrowing of the island, the disturbance of privacy by fisherman and other boats after the breeding season as well as through hunting, but also the spreading presence of the American Mink. Ramsar site no. 739. Most recent RIS information: 2006.

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    • Landscape Protection Zone
    • National Park
    • Nature Protection Zone
    • Strict Nature Reserve Zone
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