Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

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Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

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    6'637 ha
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    17°44'N 88°28'W
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Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. 22/04/98; Belize, Orange Walk; 6,637 ha; 17°44'N 088°29'W. Wildlife Sanctuary. A subtropical freshwater complex comprising a network of shallow lagoons, streams, creeks, and marshes. The larger of the two included areas centers upon the island village of Crooked Tree (ca.180 households), founded as a logging camp ca.1750, one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in Belize; a secondary group of wetlands, including Jones and Mexico Lagoons, lies on the far side of the Northern Highway a kilometre to the east. The area provides critical habitat for wildlife, particularly migratory and local birds, and the shallow water system is especially important for wading species. A number of Mayan archaeological sites are found in the area. Villagers practice subsistence farming, livestock raising, fishing, logging, and charcoal production, and the area is well-known for its cashew products, especially wine. Development to the northeast raises the possibility of habitat fragmentation and pollution. The Sanctuary is managed on behalf of the Government by the Belize Audobon Society. Ramsar site no. 946. Most recent RIS information: 2000.

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    • Wildlife Sanctuary
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