Grande Sebkha d'Oran

Vue d'ensemble de la grande sebkha d'oran

Grande Sebkha d'Oran

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  • Area: 
    56,870 ha
  • Designation date: 
  • Coordinates: 
    35°31'N 00°47'W
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The Site is a large endorheic depression of tectonic origin, with salt flats and a seasonal shallow saline lake fed by runoff from the watershed. The lake has no vegetation; the flats feature halophilic plants, and the wider watershed Aleppo pine, eucalyptus, cork oak and cedar. The Site hosts many migratory species and, in particular, flamingos and other waders, which frequent very shallow wetlands. It surpasses the 1% threshold for pink flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus) and shelduck (Tadorna tadorna). The surrounding areas are used for agriculture: livestock farming and ranching, and water abstraction, are the main threats to the Site. The Site does not have a management plan but a specific bird-monitoring plan is being implemented. 

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