Réserve Naturelle du Lac de Réghaïa

Réserve Naturelle du Lac de Réghaïa

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    842 ha
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    36°46'N 03°20'E
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Réserve naturelle du Lac de Réghaïa. 04/06/03; Alger; 842 ha; 36°46'N 003°20'E. Nature Reserve. The lake and marsh of Réghaïa corresponds to the wadi Réghaïa estuary, the mouth of which has been blocked by a sand ridge. Some 600m inland, an artificial barrier retains permanent water in the marshes, composed mainly of reeds and rushes. The coastal marsh of Réghaïa is the last vestige of the old Mitidja (alluvial plain of Algeria, limited by the sahel, the massif of Miliana, the Tellian Atlas and large Kabylie), and currently the only wetland of the "Algerois" geographical area following drainage works during the colonial era. It directly faces the Mediterranean and thus plays a major role for the migratory birds after the crossing of the Mediterranean Sea and from the Sahara desert. A small island, Agueli or Bounettah, one km off the coast, with the surrounding waters, is part of the site and increases its value for migratory birds. In spite of its declining size, the lake has revealed an unsuspected wealth and diversity not only in wintering migratory birds but also of rare nesting bird species - it shelters more than 203 waterbird species, among which four species are classified as rare. The lake provides irrigation for 1,200 ha of arable lands, and its beaches, the most beautiful of the Algiers coast, attract many visitors during summer. The Centre Cynégétique de Réghaïa organizes World Wetlands Day educational expositions for the public. Ramsar site no. 1304. Most recent RIS information: 2003.

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Wilaya d’Alger

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