Playa Tortuguera Tierra Colorada

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Playa Tortuguera Tierra Colorada

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    54 ha
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    16°25'N 98°37'W
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Playa Tortuguera Tierra Colorada. 27/11/03; Guerrero; 54 ha; 16°25'N 098°38'W. Wildlife Reserve. An ocean-battered beach on the south central Pacific Coast, one of the most important nesting areas for the critically endangered Leatherback Turtle Dermochelys coriacea, and relevant also for the endangered Olive Ridley Turtle Lepidochelys olivacea and Green Turtle Chelonia mydas. American Crocodiles Crocodilus acutus have also been reported. Coastal dune vegetation, mangrove forests and desert scrub are found in the area, which although modified by anthropic uses sustain important biodiversity. Fishing is an important economic activity, and there is considerable exploitation of turtles and other reptiles for selling and eating. Cattle and dogs on the beaches are a problem, as well as coconut and mango plantations and potential threats from plans for new tourism development and the dredging of the beach for a wharf. Since 1995, UNAM and SEMARNAT have carried out research on marine turtles and seasonal beach cleaning campaigns. Ramsar site no. 1327. Most recent RIS information: 2003.

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    • Zona de reserva y sitio de refugio
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