Delta del Río Baudó

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Delta del Río Baudó

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    8,888 ha
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    04°52'N 77°22'W
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Delta del Río Baudó. 05/06/04; Chocó; 8,888 ha; 04°53'N 077°22'W. The estuary of the Baudó river on the Pacific coast, comprising flood banks, sand beaches, shrub-swamps and swamp forests. Outstanding vegetation includes nato mangroves (Mora oleifera, Mora megistosperma), with trees reaching 35 m or more in height; mangrove forests (Pelliciera rhizophorae, Avicennia germinans), and giant reeds. Noteworthy fauna include the Spotted Paca (Agouti paca), the peccaries (Tayassu pecari and Tayassu tajacu), Jaguar (Panthera onca) and Neotropical Otter (Lontra longicaudis). The wetland is habitat and reproduction site of numerous species of fish such as the cichlid Cichlasoma kraussii, the Trahira (Hoplias malabaricus) and the Flathead mullet (Mugil cephalus). Uses of the site by human communities include forest exploitation, fishing, subsistence agriculture, hunting and basket-making. Potential threats include mangrove felling, overfishing, uncontrolled hunting, boat transportation with off-board engines, and clearing for rice cultivation. Surrounding areas are the collective property of black communities. Ramsar site no. 1387.Most recent RIS information: 2004.

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