Polissia Mires

Young birds Ciconia nigra in the nest.
the Zholobnytsya River
Lyrurus tetrix
Плодоношення пухівки на болоті урочище «Мироші»
Штучні гніздування платформи на екотоні ВБУ
Nest of Grus grus in the swamp "Myroshi"

Polissia Mires

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  • Area: 
    2,145 ha
  • Designation date: 
  • Coordinates: 
    51°32'N 28°00'E
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The Site lies in the midst of the Polissia forest complex, one of the largest waterlogged regions in Europe. It consists of marshes and oligotrophic and mesotrophic mires, as well as floodplains of the Zholobnytsia and Bolotnytsia rivers. The mires are surrounded by upland pine forests and plant communities which are characteristic of different stages of succession after fires and felling. Over 50 nationally and internationally protected plant species are found in the Site, including the orchids Dactylorhiza fuchsia and Dactylorhiza incarnata. The Polissia Mires support many nationally threatened species, including the dragonfly dark whiteface (Leucorrhinia albifrons), the smooth snake (Coronella austriaca), Montagu’s harrier (Circus pygargus) and the short-toed snake eagle (Circaetus gallicus). Several bird species and also otters and turtles breed in the Site. The arid climate of recent years is negatively affecting the vegetation of the upper marshes and increasing the threat of fire, especially in Miroshi, an area with significant peat deposits which are easily combustible.

Administrative region: 
Zhytomyr Region, Ovrutskyi District

  • National legal designation: 
    • Nature Reserve - Polissia Nature Reserve
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    • Other international designation
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