La Mare de Dan Doutchi

Dan Doutchi
Dan Doutchi
Dan Doutch
Dan Doutchi
Dan Doutchi

La Mare de Dan Doutchi

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    38,250 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    14°19'N 04°40'E
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A permanent pond that, with its surrounding vegetation, is characteristic of the climatic transition zone between the Sahel and the Sahara. Plant diversity is relatively high for both grass and woody species; the area is also an important wintering site for Afrotropical and Palearctic migratory birds, of which 40 species have been counted. The main human activity is fishing, which provides both an important protein source and substantial revenue to the local people. Unsustainable agricultural and fishing methods and overgrazing threaten the ecological balance. The vegetation on the basin is very scarce. The soils are fragile, not very fertile and extremely sensitive to erosion. A management plan is being developed which will consider the needs of the local people and seek their participation.

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