Sistema de Humedales Remanentes del Delta del Río Colorado

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Sistema de Humedales Remanentes del Delta del Río Colorado

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    127,614 ha
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    32°19'N 115°15'W
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Sistema de Humedales Remanentes del Delta del Río Colorado. 02/02/2008; Baja California and Sonora; 127,614 ha; 32°19´N 115°15´W. This site includes the remanents of the Delta of the Colorado River (Ramsar site 814), and is of great importance, as it represents and ideal habitat for many migratory and resident species in a desert area in the northwest of Mexico. This wetlands form part of the Pacific Flyway of migratory waterfowl in their journey from Canada or the U.S. to the south of the continent, including species such as Dendroica coronata, Tachycineta bicolor, Vermivora celata. Other bird species use it as reproduction and nesting grounds, such as is the case of Charadrius vociferans and Himantopus mexicanus. This wetlands present several values at a regional level, including the recharge of aquifers in a desert area, the prevention of floods, among others. Agriculture is the main activity undertaken in this area.

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Baja California, Sonora

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