Sistema Lagunar Estuarino Agua Dulce - El Ermitaño

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Sistema Lagunar Estuarino Agua Dulce - El Ermitaño

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    1,281.4 ha
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    20°00'N 105°30'W
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Sistema Lagunar Estuarino Agua Dulce  El Ermitaño. 02/02/2008; Jalisco; 1,281 ha; 20°0'N 105°30'W. This lagoon system is considered as the main coastal water body of the State of Jalisco, and is composed by two water bodies: Agua Dulce Lagoon and El Ermitaño Estuary, interconnected with a channel constructed in the 60s, with floodgates that regulate the entrance from the estuary to the lagoon. 95 species of waterfowl has been reported in the site, of which 69 species are migratory and 26 resident of this system and its surroundings, playing and important role for the reproduction, nesting, and feeding grounds for these species. This system is also home to species found under special protection according to the Mexican normative, such as Heloderma horridum, Iguana iguana and Crocodylus acutus, as endangered, and Branta bernicla, Anas platyrhynchos y Nomonyx dominicus, as threatened. Three new species for the coast of Jalisco have been observed in the lagoon: Melanita perspicillata, Branta bernicla and Anas penelope. The main threats that negatively affect this system include: the diversion of water for agricultural purposes, the use of agrochemicals in the surrounding crops, sewage water coming from rivers which supply the estuary, and deforestation. The main activities undertaken are fishing and tourism. The site is located next to the Marine Turtle Sanctuary El Playón de Mismaloya.

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