Rapides de Mboungou Badouma et de Doume

Vue des rapides à Doumé
Rapides de Mboungou-Badouma
Rapides de Mboungou-Badouma
Etendu d'eau de Mboungou Badouma et de Doume
Paysage de Mboungou Badouma et de Doume
Mboungou Badouma et de Doume à la tombé de la nuit
Pirogier sur Mboungou Badouma et de Doume
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Rapides de Mboungou Badouma et de Doume

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  • Area: 
    53,883 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    01°04'S 13°09'E
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The Site is a system of permanent and intermittent rivers and permanent marshes along the course of the Ogooue River. Its 140 kilometres of rapids form part of a large hydrographical network, and act as a spillway for several rivers. The Site supports a vast array of fauna and flora. The existence of certain vegetation as a source of food, refuge, and habitat maintains the presence of certain animals: for example, the buffalo in the savannah and the gorilla in the forest. Some of the animal species, such as elephants, monkeys, tilapia and carp, are severely threatened by the over-exploitation of forest resources, pollution of the waters by effluents from the surrounding towns, and manganese and uranium mining activities. While there is currently no specific management plan, the Site is protected by a number of national environmental laws and regulations.

Administrative region: 
Haut Ogooué/l'Ogooué Lolo

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