Glaciar Vinciguerra y Turberas Asociadas

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Glaciar Vinciguerra y Turberas Asociadas

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    2,760 ha
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    54°44'S 68°20'W
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Glaciar Vinciguerra y turberas asociadas. 16/09/09; Tierra del Fuego; 2,760 ha; 54°45'S 068°20'W. The southernmost Ramsar site in the world at the time of designation, located in Tierra del Fuego Province at an altitude between 200 and 1300 m, covers glaciers; lakes; Sphagnum-, Cyperacea-, and tree-dominated peatlands; Nothofagus (Southern beech) forests; and permanent and seasonal rivers. Among the flora, Skottsbergia paradoxa, an endemic and threatened moss species, stands out. The glaciers and peatlands, excellent natural water reservoirs, play an important role in the Arroyo Grande watershed regulation, a river that is the primary water source of the city of Ushuaia. The presence of the Vinciguerra glacier and the Andorra valley's peatlands contribute to the scenic beauty of the site, which attracts local and foreign tourists. The threats to this site are horse rearing (animals feed on Nothofagus sprouts), tree cutting for domestic use and, to a lesser extent, peat extraction. Additionally, climate change affects Vinciguerra glacier stability. The site acts as a buffer area between the Tierra del Fuego National Park and the suburban expansion of Ushuaia. Ramsar site no. 1886. Most recent RIS information: 2009.

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Tierra del Fuego

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