Reserva Natural Lagunas de Archidona

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Reserva Natural Lagunas de Archidona

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    204 ha
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    37°06'N 04°18'W
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Reserva Natural Lagunas de Archidona. 17/09/09; Andalucía; 204 ha; 37°06'N 004°18'W. The Nature Reserve of the Archidona wetlands contains two water bodies (about 1 km distant), Laguna Grande (7.96 ha) and Laguna Chica (7.88 ha), and a surrounding buffer zone. Laguna Grande is a permanent water body that receives its major part of water from an underlying karst aquifer on gypsum substrate. Laguna Chica is semi-permanent pond with important water level fluctuations that occasionally dries out when the level of the underlying aquifer drops too much. Both were created through the collapse of karst dolines that gave Laguna Chica its typical 8-shape. Laguna Grande has a maximum depth of 13.2 meters which makes it the deepest in Málaga province and the second in the Autonomous Region of Andalucía. Laguna Chica has a maximum depth of 8.3 meters. Together with the wetland complex of Los Hoyos, it is an outstanding example of karstic solution processes in the gypsum layer of the Triassic "German-Andalusian" deposit. Ramsar site no. 1911. Most recent RIS information: 2010.

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    • Reserva Natural
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